Here are a few images from a quick work trip to Hawaii. We were on Oahu, and had a couple free days in between trying to get some work done. We went to the "Swap Meet" which is a huge flea market type thing, then drove around the island a bit. We also managed to squeeze in a quick surfing lesson - but I didn't manage to get any surfing images, ad we had to hurry back to the other side of the island for dinner,

Steve modeling some lovely pearls
Sunday we had a pretty lazy day hanging out by the pool and jacuzzi. We also went for a kayak, however it was a sit on top one, and I wasn't sure what to expect for water conditions, so I didn't bring the camera, which is too bad, as there were lots of cool birds. Then we went for a sunset walk on the beach.

Posted on 10-15-2009

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