So, I've fallen super behind. These are pictures from last October, which I am months late in Posting, but better late than never. We, along with our friend Sarah, went back out to the Long Beach peninsula - site of the Kite Festival - to do some bird watching, as October is supposed to be a good time migrating birds. Mostly what we found was mushrooms. We also ran into Tor and Tiffany (left).

We did eventually make it out to the beach and find some birds - Gulls, a juvenile Prairie Falcon, Snowy Plovers, as well as a few pelicans - and a crazy number of Sand Dollars, although we only found one that looked to still be alive, although not terribly healthy.
We also brought along one of the kites, and relaxed on the beach doing a bit of flying.

On the way back to the car we saw a Kingfisher dive and catch his dinner.

Then it was back to our campsite for sunset and catching a shot of the North Head Lighthouse in last light.

Sunday, we went out for a nice breakfast, then flew some more kites.
We then headed back to Deception Pass State Park, and found a jetty where we could watch the Pelicans fishing.

Thanks for looking!


Posted 1/14/2010

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