I've been told that we need to post more pictures, so this page has some shots taken in various locations throughout this spring.

These first ones are from a day that I spent at the Seattle Aquarium and the Olympic Sculpture Park.

These next few images are from a camping and climbing trip we took to Frenchman's Coulee with our friends Jonas and Alexandra and their daughter Rakel. They had just picked up their new Volkswagen camper van, and were eager to try it out.

Frenchman's Coulee is over on the East side of the Cascades, and is in the desert, which means the climbing is nice and dry even when it's raining in Seattle.


These five shots are from the Woodland Park Zoo, which is just up the street from us.

The spider wasn't an official exhibit, but I liked him anyway.

There are always lots of people rowing past our boat. One morning I was inspired by the beauty of the fog.

Last weekend we went to check out the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. It's been a chilly spring, so the tulips are not yet in peak bloom, but there are some that are starting, and the daffodils are doing pretty well. And we scouted some locations and we'll hopefully get back up when more of the flowers are blooming.

Buffleheads Bald Eagle Barrow's Goldeneyes
Harlequin Ducks Horned Grebes
On the drive home from the Tulips we stopped off at Camano Island State Park for a little bird watching.
Bald Eagle
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As always, thanks for looking and I hope you enjoy the pictures.


Posted 04/09/2008