Well, our annual Christmas trip to New England got off to a pretty late start this year, and we didn't make it until the first couple weeks of January, but we did make it. Unfortunately, that means we didn't get to catch up with everybody we would have liked to have seen, but we still saw lots of people, and made it out exploring a bit.

In New Hampshire, we hiked Mount Major, which has wonderful views of Lake Winnipesaukee from the summit. Luckily there wasn't too much snow, and while there was a lot of ice, it wasn't insurmountable. There were some fun stream crossing on the way down, and neither of us fell in!

On our way up to Bar Harbor, we stopped in to visit Aaron and Emily in Portland. They are living in a cute little house right on a lake. We had planned on going out for dinner, but there was a major snowstorm, so we decided to grill instead. The next morning, when Aaron and Emily had to go to work, we went out and played in the new snow out on the lake.


Up in Bar Harbor, we finally made it over to the Bass Harbor Head Light, to add to its stature as the most photographed spot in all of maine, with a quick stop in Northeast Harbor to look for a shipwreck that was already gone.

That night it snowed some more, so we got to do a little cross country skiing, and I took some fabulous pictures of the coastline covered in new snow. Unfortunately I deleted all of them without ever saving them to a computer, so they are gone forever. Oops. Well, there is always next year.

On our way back, we spotted a bald eagle sitting sown by the water. He didn't let me get very close, though.


Heathers Dad, Roger, has been doing some sculpting this fall. His first piece (top left) is made from a silver clay. The others are cast bronze, I believe. The one on the bottom left was sort of a trial run. The piece on the right is "Vengeance" and was cast in several parts which were then welded together. He is currently hard at work designing a base for it.
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Posted 1-27-2005