We finally made it down to Tampa for a couple days to visit Lynda, Jamie and Cameron. We spent as much time as we could out on the water, enjoying the beautiful weather. Most of their friends have boats too, so we'd get a bunch of people out to boat around and play on the beaches.

One night we went to Rattle Fish for dinner and met up with Jamie's parents, who we hadn't seen in ages.

It was great to get out of Chicago for the weekend and enjoy the sun and the sand and the water, not to mention the great company.


The canals that Lynda and Jamie live on are full of lots of cool birds - many different species of Herons and Egrets and Ibis and lots of others I haven't identified - as well as dogs that like to come say hi when you are slowly boating by.

I discovered that it is pretty hard to take good pictures of birds from a moving boat, even if you aren't moving very fast. Some came out pretty well, though.

We also took a trip over to Tampa Electric, which is a power plant where lots of Manatees like to congregate in the winter because of the warm water that is being discharged from the power plant. The day we went was pretty warm, though, so there weren't too many manatees, but there were a few.
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Posted 2-8-2005